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AkerloflemonThe market for "lemons": quality uncertainty and the market mechanismGeorge Akerlof
BKKRatsExperimental confirmation of the existence of a Giffen goodRaymond Battalio
John Kagel
Carl Kogut
CredenceGoodLabelingCredence good labeling: the efficiency and distributional implications of several policy approachesBrian Roe
Ian Sheldon
DarbyKarniCredenceFree competition and the optimal amount of fraudMichael R. Darby
Edi Karni
Dean50PriceSkimmingPricing policies for new productsJoel Dean
GiffenpotatoRobert Giffen and the Irish PotatoGerald P. Dwyer
Cotton M. Lindsay
JensenMillerGiffen behavior: theory and evidenceRobert T. Jensen
Nolan H. Miller
KahnemanTverskyProspectTheoryProspect theory: an analysis of decision under riskDaniel Kahneman
Amos Tversky
NelsonICBInformation and consumer behaviorPhillip Nelson
PotatoparadoxPotato paradoxesSherwin Rosen
SalopStiglitz77Bargain and ripoffs: a model of monopolistically competitive price dispersionSteven Salop
Joseph Stiglitz
TellisPricingBeyond the many faces of price: an integration of pricing strategiesGerard J. Tellis
TverskyIntransitivityIntransitivity of preferencesAmos Tversky