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Did you find something that looks like an error (or possible error) to you? Report the error quickly [ here] (anonymous, does ''not'' require login, but you can optionally provide an email ID to be notified of the fix).
We have just started logging errors. On this page, you will find information about all errors that persisted on the site for more than one month on any page. Note {| class="sortable" border="1"! Page !! Error description !! Version where it was introduced !! Version where it was corrected !! Why error? Why not caught? ("I" refers to [[User:Vipul|Vipul]])|-| [[Pareto efficiency criterion]] || interchanged "better off" and "worse off" || [http: This applies only to errors that were not fixed by December 18// August 30, 2011] || [ Errors fixed before then are not being logged on this php?title=Pareto_efficiency_criterion&oldid=971 February 28, 2012] || carelessness, didn't visit page.often|}
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